Want to help? We have three easy ways: Donate Cloth Diapers or Cloth Diaper Accessories, Make a Monetary Donation in any amount, or Sponsor a Box of Hope for a family. Learn more about each below.



Cloth Diapers
Commercially available cloth diapers of any style and size.
Homemade diapers of any style.

Diapering Accessories
Wet Bags, Snappi’s, Boingos, etc.

All donations must be in ready to use condition. This means diapers should not have issues such as worn out elastic, non-sticky velcro, broken snaps that affect function, delaminated PUL or TPU. Please send diapers clean and odor free. It would be a bonus if the diapers were sunned prior to shipment but we understand that stains happen.

You can make a single- one time donation here:

Or you can become a monthly supporter of GDGH.  
We have created three levels for families starting at just $5 a month.  At $15 a month you can pay for 1 family’s shipping fee assistance.  At the $45 level you will cover 3 shipping assistance fees.  Your assistance with shipping means the donations we receive elsewhere can be used to order diapers whenever needed!

Donation Options


If you prefer to make a direct impact on the life of another family you can choose to sponsor the shipping fee of $35 for a family in need. Families pay $20 themselves and GDGH pays $15 through donations- as a sponsor you are donating the entire cost of shipping. We use these donated funds for the families who absolutely cannot make the fee. Click the image above or click this link to go to our form.

Thank you so much for your desire to help and know that no matter how large or small your donation, every little bit helps and every family is thankful for your donation!