As of January, 2014 Giving Diapers, Giving Hope has partnered with GroVia to help more families receive cloth diapers!  This partnership will ensure that GDGH is able to receive, store, and ship diapers to our approved families for many years to come.  Prior to partnering with GroVia, our organization had outgrown the current space to store the donated diapers and we lacked the hands needed to ship to the families approved each week.

GroVia is now receiving donations on our behalf, and will sort them.  Then, once we approve applicants, they will pack and ship the diapers for us as well.

Read more: GroVia and GDGH Announce Partnership

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Testimonials from clients:

” Thank you so much! This means a great deal to us. No one asks to be in the place we currently are and I know there are others much much worse. GDGH holds true to the name…we now have hope.”

“Without you guys we would still be in tears at the table with our bills spread out.Ii dont think our application has yet been viewed but it doesn’t change the fact that there is hope in our hearts. Hope that was diminishing more and more. You have restored that hope for us and we couldnt be more thankful that such organizations exists. Thank you again!”

“Thank you so much for this organization.  I can’t imagine what we would do without you right now!”

“Transitioning to cloth diapering has been a dream! I Had no idea how much of the stress in my life was how I was to diaper my daughter. On a regular basis I was down to using my own tshirts with tape and plastic pull up pants because I had to save the disposable for daycare. Now (…)  is in a daycare that uses her cloth diapers. They had no idea how easy it was. Thank you for starting GDGH. I am sure it is a lot of work and networking but in my case it works, and helps sooooo much. Thank you. I tell everyone about it.”

“I received your package of g-diapers two days ago, and just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!  They look amazing, fit wonderfully, and I now have enough diapers where I do not have to wash them everyday.  Prior to your donation, we had 4 g-diapers that we had purchased months ago, and I was washing diapers every day… sometimes we wouldn’t have a cloth diaper that was clean, so we would have to put some left over pull-ups from our 3 year old on our 1 year old.  Pull-ups do not really fit on a 1 year old, which is what we found out… and disposable diapers are too expensive to purchase.  I am going to school to become an OB/GYN, so I hope that someday we will not be this tight financially.  I know that when I get my first check as a doctor, I will be sure to send a donation to you so you can continue what you are doing!  When we received the package of g-diapers, my husband and I just sat around and smiled, because this truly is a blessing for us!”

“Your generosity has allowed us to finally have enough diapers to always have extras on hand, and I am very, very grateful for that!  Thank you so very much!”