Announcing Changes to Our Donation Policies

We have an important announcement for our GDGH supporters and families regarding a recent change to our program.  Please read on.


As of this date, our organization will no longer be able to accept cloth diapers considered “non-compliant” as donations. “Non-compliant” diapers are diapers without the proper GCC/CPSC certificates as proof of safety testing for lead, pthalates, and flammability testing. If you wish to donate these diapers they should instead be gifted to a local diaper bank that will accept them or peer-to-peer. While it does pain us to refuse any diapers due to the great need that exists, we also have to run our charity in a way that ensures our families are receiving safe cloth diapers. Additionally, we believe distributing these diapers puts us at a legal risk.

We rely on the donations from families AND approved brands and still need your support. Every family and their baby deserves clean, safe diapers. It is unclear how this will affect us long-term and our ability to continue providing cloth diapers to all the families who apply. As a very small administrative team, Maria, Kristen, and myself are constantly brainstorming ways that we can make up the difference in diapers we will be losing to this new, but necessary change.

Donors, please refer to our list of approved brands. We will continue to add brands to this list as we receive the documentation we need.

Our organization has weathered many storms and has always come out stronger on the other side. It’s our belief that this change is for the better and that the cloth diaper community will rally to support us.

Thank you,

Executive Director


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    I just wanted to thank you so much for this change! I agree that it is tough to deny donations when so many are in need, so thank you for making this difficult decision to help continue the sustainability of your charity.

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