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In order to approve your application we will need proof of each child you're applying for and proof of income for eligibility.

Proof of child would include Birth Certificate, Insurance Card (please block out the actual numbers), Official Hospital or State record, or WIC card/check.  We only need 1 for each child.

Proof of income that we accept: WIC card or check with applicant's  name on it.  WIC also counts as proof of child if their name is on the card.  Other proof: One month of paystubs, unemployment letter, WIC card/check, Letter from employer on official letterhead, or most recent tax return (if self employed) serves as proof of income AND proof of child. We cannot accept photos of WIC folders as proof of child or income. 

Proof of Pregnancy: Official letter from OB/GYN office, or Ultrasound picture showing all info

If you cannot scan your documents, a photograph of the document is sufficient, as long as it is readable. You can use a digital camera or camera phone. We will ask for further proof if enough is not provided or we need other forms in addition. 

You may only apply to GDGH if you have NOT received assistance from another cloth diaper bank. 

Send an email to if you have questions.  You can save your progress and finish your application later.  

Your information

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If you select YES and receive cloth diapers that fit a newborn you will need to upsize once those diapers no longer fit. There is a $15 upcharge shipping fee to send larger size diapers.

If you are pregnant put "currently pregnant" for weight.

Proof Documents

For proof of Child any 1 of these documents will work:

-Birth Certificate

-Insurance Card

-Any other official document with their name and birthdate. 

If you need diapers for more than one child, include separate information for each one. 

If you are currently pregnant, please provide a note from your doctor or clinic you are receiving prenatal care from for proof of pregnancy.

Proof of income eligibility. You must upload these documents for verification.

-One Month's worth of paycheck stubs or

-Proof or benefit letter from unemployment.

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