GDGH Periscopathon- a 1 Day Event to Raise Awareness for Diaper Need and GDGH Fundraiser

During the Periscopathon make your donation below! All donations are tax deductable so remember to save or print your receipt that is offered from PayPal at the time of your donation.

Not able to donate? Help us by simply spreading the word about this event, invite people, or share this link. Thank you for your support!

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Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is holding a 1 day “Periscopathon” that will raise awareness of Diaper Need and how cloth diapers can be a solution for families facing it.  We are also using this event to fundraise so that Giving Diapers, Giving Hope can assist the families who need us.  Diaper Need Awareness Week is September 28- October 4, and aims to raise awareness about the struggles families face when they can’t afford diapers.

What is Periscope?

Periscope is an exploding social network that allows anyone to broadcast anything from anywhere to anyone!  It’s your own live TV show and is an amazing way to instantly engage and converse with those who are viewing live.  As a viewer you can “tap the screen” to leave hearts- up to 500 per broadcast- and leave comments/questions for the person broadcasting.  If you’re new here is a helpful tutorial:

Join us Sept 28 at 9 am EST and all day long!

This event will take place on September 28 and begins at 9AM EST.  Each hour 1-2 brands will be live on Periscope to talk about cloth diapers, diaper need, and how you can help Giving Diapers, Giving Hope help others.  Since nearly 1 in 3 families face diaper need and struggle to afford diapers we want more people to know that cloth diapers can be a cure.  GDGH helps families by providing a small set of cloth diapers for the cost of shipping for income qualified families.  By donating your gently used diapers or making a financial contribution you help us empower families to save that $60 a month and put it towards necessities or save for their own set of cloth diapers down the road.

Donations raised from this event will fund things such as the purchase of new cloth diapers for our program, the $15 per family shipping fee we pay through donations, and operating costs.  Please refer to our recent blog post that outlines where donations raised go. 80% of money raised goes directly towards assisting families in need while the other 20% is used for operational expenses.

Sponsors will be donating prizes and anyone can enter to win them. The catch? Prizes will be unlocked through donations to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope raised during the Periscopathon. The more money we raise to help our program continue the more prizes we can give away! Check back soon for more prizes and to see how to win them!  We will update with the donation goals for prizes soon so stay tuned!

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You will want to follow @KimRosas, the Executive Director of GDGH, on Periscope.  Kim will be posting periodic updates throughout the day to see how many goals we have hit and what it will take to reach them all!

Giving Hope Starter Kit for a Limited Time- No Cost Diapering Option

Between September 8 -30 applicants to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope will have a new and limited offer, while supplies last.  Thanks to a generous offer from Thirsties we will be able to provide free Size 1 or Size 2 Duo Wraps.  These are second quality wraps with minor flaws that can’t be sold in stores but that are still completely usable.

In lieu of the normal $35 fee our approved families pay to cover shipping of diapers to and from their homes we encourage you to buy your own flats or prefolds to go under the covers, or DIY your own t-shirt flats and diaper for almost nothing.

Kelly’s Closet will also be assisting us by offering our families an exclusive coupon code for free shipping on those items for purchases $35+ during the same time frame.  Please do not share this code with anyone- this is only for your order.

All families who apply for our “Giving Hope Starter Kit” will have to meet the same eligibility requirements as usual.  Please see application policies for those details.

Once you are approved, if you’ve opted for this program you will be shipped the appropriate size covers, 4-5 for 1 child, 6-8 for 2 children (depending on ages), and you can begin cloth diapering once you have absorbent prefolds/flats/fitteds.  To learn how to make your own t-shirt flats go to the tutorial.

At GDGH we are believers in all kinds of diapers.  In fact, many of us prefer flats and prefolds to pockets or all-in-ones for their easy-going nature when it comes to washing.  Flats and covers are particularly well suited for handwashing and line drying.  If you choose this option when you apply you will be sent a free downloadable booklet with easy to follow instructions for folding flats and prefolds courtesy of Dirty Diaper Laundry and The Eco-Friendly Family.

Even if you weren’t anticipating this option you may want to consider it.  Unlike our normal program you will be able to keep these diapers or you can opt to donate them to us when you no longer need to.

Here are some blog posts you might enjoy reading about prefolds and flats:

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Apply Now:

Join us in #GivingHope to Fight #DiaperNeed

September 8-14, 2014 is Diaper Need Awareness week.  This event was started by the National Diaper Bank Network to recognize the diaper gap in America.  At Giving Diapers, Giving Hope we are part of the solution to diaper need.  We’ve helped over 600 families and shipped nearly 11,000 cloth diapers to qualified families for just the cost of shipping since we began in 2011.  Providing cloth diapers to a family empowers them and frees them from their reliance on other agencies for diapers each week or relieves the stress and burden of buying disposables on an impossible budget.


To raise awareness about Diaper Need and help more families get the cloth diapers we provide we are #GivingHope September 8-16!  We want to challenge YOU to pick ONE cloth diaper in good used condition, or new condition to send to us.  For many of you it won’t be much of a challenge.  We also want your donation to inspire others so if you’d like, post a photo to Instagram!  Here is how:

1.  Take a photo of you with a diaper in an envelope addressed to:

GDGH Donations
C/O Thirsties
436 West 67th St.
Loveland, CO 80538

2.  Cover your return address with your hand or a sticker using an app in your phone.
3.  Post to Instagram and include the hashtags #givinghope and #diaperneed.  Tag 3 friends.
4.  Cross your fingers an elf finds you!

As an organization that relies on donations to keep up with the growing demand of families looking to use cloth diapers but who can’t afford that start-up cost, your ONE diaper will add up with the other donations to make a BIG impact!  This past July we helped over 40 families and shipped 700+ cloth diapers.   August is on target to help over 40 families as well!  Every donation counts.  Our goal is to bring in 150 diapers this week!  Can you help?


To show our appreciation for your donations we will also be randomly selecting some donors who use those hashtags with their photos.  Kim, our Executive Director and owner of Dirty Diaper Laundry, and her elves will be performing RAOK to those selected.  The RAOK could take the form of new cloth diapers (ahem…. There may be a Spence and Marie in the bag of treats), accessories, or E-Gifts from supporting companies.  It is our way of thanking some of those who donate.   Please make sure you have made your profile public so that our elves can find you by searching the #givinghope hashtag on Instagram.  

See our donation guidelines regarding the condition of diapers here:

 Photos must be posted during Diaper Need Awareness week, September 8-14 to be eligible for RAOK but we welcome donations and any photos with the hashtag any time of the year!