Washing and Care Instructions

Washing Cloth Diapers

Washing Soiled Diapers

We all use different washing machines, different detergents, and even different diapers. Therefore, finding a diaper laundry routine that suits you best can be cumbersome. We recommend keeping it simple!

The following routine has proven to work well for most people, regardless of what type of machine or cloth diapers you use:

  •  Run a cold rinse with no detergent.
  • Add your choice of detergent with appropriate amount and run a hot wash.
  • Do a second rinse if you need to to make sure all soap is gone.
  • Line dry or use a dryer on medium.

We suggest detergents with no fabric softeners, dyes, or frangrances. To prevent ammonia (a foul smell from urine that can occur when diapers are not getting clean enough) please add 1/4 of bleach or bleach alternative to wash cycle 1x a month. Lay diapers in the sun to remove stains before returning or as needed.

How do I handle and store soiled diapers?

Wet diapers only are a breeze – just toss in the diaper pail and go!

Soiled (bowel movement) diapers do require a little more attention.

Newborn poop doesn’t typically stain… therefore some people just toss soiled diapers directly into the diaper pail or wet bag until laundry day and do a prewash to loosen up and rinse away most of the debris. However, for optimal washing results, we like to recommend either using a disposable diaper liner or a diaper sprayer.

We strongly recommend the use of a Diaper Sprayer! Diaper Sprayers allows you to remove most (sometimes all) of the solids from the diaper right into your toilet, without having to utilize the dreaded dunking method.

For storing your soiled diapers until laundry day we strongly recommend the use of a dry pail. Dry Pails are diaper pails that do not use water to soak the diapers in. Wet pails pose a safety hazard and are more likely to cause stink buildup in the diapers.

Therefore we recommend lining a lidded 13 gallon plastic trash bin/can with a diaper pail liner. If you don’t have much room for a plastic trash bin you may alternatively use a hanging diaper pail liner and hang it on a handle inside your bathroom or connect it to your changing table.

For on-the-go storage we recommend using a wet bag. Wet bags wonderful for storing not only soiled diapers but all wet items such as swimsuits, towels, wet clothes, etc…