GDGH by the Numbers- Why every dollar counts- and how you can help!

As the need and awareness of GDGH grows it’s more important than ever to maintain an inventory of cloth diapers. Without enough diapers occasionally families wait longer after they have applied or after being approved before we have the inventory to ship. It’s something we hate doing but with no diapers to send there is often no other choice.  That’s where you come in!  We are asking for your help, but first, we want you to better understand our organization.


This year our organization has spent 80.5% of our funds on shipping assistance and diapers. We pay $15 for every family that receives diapers from us. That comes to just over $3,000 dollars so far in 2015. We’ve ordered over $500 worth of cloth diapers at a deep discount. Per month we pay out more than $150 in costs associated with running our organization including our phone, bank fees, accounting software, and application form service.  Costs not directly assisting families amount to just 19.5% of our spending this far in 2015.  I don’t want you to think that percentage isn’t helping families- these are just the things that keep GDGH running in order TO help families.

We pay $0 a year in payroll. That’s right. Every cent our organization earns goes towards doing good and helping families. Our volunteers work countless hours to make sure all of our fundraising efforts are primarily helping families in a direct way.

How are we able to survive with no paid employees and no rent?

It’s primarily due to the generosity of GroVia and The Natural Baby Company.  In January 2014 GroVia took over the shipping, receiving, and sorting of all inbound and outbound donations for Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  This amazing gesture has meant that we can continue to spend more of our donations on what matters most- the families in need.

The administrative work is done by volunteers (Kim Rosas and Maria Moser) and we are additionally assisted by so many others who offer their time with graphics (Amand Hearn), promotion (Calley Pate and Julie Clark), etc.

 I firmly believe that 100% of our funds are spent on doing good.

We think transparency is very important in running a charity which is why we publish our financial reports to Guidestar and will continue to do so each year after we file our 1099 with the IRS. Unlike larger charities the largest percentage of our expenditure goes right towards the families we have aimed to help.  Even if funds allow in the future we will never make our shipping free to families because we feel that using their own money for part of the shipping adds more value to the diapers and ensures our diapers return to us when they’re done being used.

Right now we are facing another diaper drought and we are looking at ordering more, this time, not at a reduced rate but at wholesale. Each time we buy diapers our budget for shipping assistance decreases.

Would you skip buying a coffee or buying an on demand movie to help?

It can take just seconds but every small contribution transforms the lives of others. Your money makes a bigger difference when you donate to a small charity like Giving Diapers, Giving Hope too! This year our budget is just $10,000! However, that only covers our operational costs and estimated cost of shipping assistance. This does not cover the cost of diapers- so we either skip buying diapers and cross our fingers that enough people donate or we buy diapers and begin charging families the old fee of $35 each again.

You can make a single- one time donation here:

Or you can become a monthly supporter of GDGH.  

We have created three levels for families starting at just $5 a month.  At $15 a month you can pay for 1 family’s shipping fee assistance.  At the $45 level you will cover 3 shipping assistance fees.  Your assistance with shipping means the donations we receive elsewhere can be used to order diapers whenever needed!

Donation Options

Thank you for making our work possible.

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