GDGH Families- Brianna’s Story

September 26-October 2 is Diaper Need Awareness Week. Last year our organization hosted an incredible fundraising “telethon” utilizing the Periscope live broadcast app. This year we decided to make things lower key and instead focus on stories that reflect how cloth diapering (and Giving Diapers, Giving Hope) helps families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to begin cloth diapering. 1 in 3 families struggle to afford diapers of any kind and there are no public assistance programs that directly provide diaper assistance. Diapers are a basic necessity for babies and using cloth diapers can eliminate that monthly expense, enabling families to use that $60+ per month towards food, power, and the many other bills they face. If you’d like to support our program by donating your gently used cloth diapers or by making a monetary donation (80% of donations directly assist our families through the purchase of diapers and shipping costs) you can find out more here: Donate to GDGH or use these links to quickly make your tax-deductible donation.

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Thank you for helping us keep babies dry and healthy.

This is Brianna J.’s story.

When my husband and I planned to start our family we never imagined our baby would be born 3 months premature. On the night she was born a well-intentioned member of the hospital staff came into our room and advised us that is was in no way uncommon for a micropreemie like her to cost upward of half a million dollars in medical bills. As if having a medically fragile child were not enough stress, my husband and I were at a loss of how we would pay such staggering bills. I frantically began searching for ways to save money. I had considered cloth diapering our daughter and the savings were a clear advantage, however the upfront cost was daunting.


I came across giving diapers giving hope in my research and their program has been a god send for us, especially since I lost my job not long after having our baby. Giving diapers giving hope was a glimmer of light for us in a terrible situation.

Look for more GDGH family stories this week. Thank you Brianna for sharing your story with us in honor of Diaper Need Awareness Week. Some stories and quotes have been edited for typos or clarity.

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